New years

3..2..1 Boom Boom Bang Happy new years. It was a joyous occasion when my family celebrated New year at home with a family from Tonga.

Then there was the crackling and whistling sparkles and bursting in the air. Dazzling, blazing, shimmering, and bright purple and pink glittering, glowing and lighting up and decorating the sky. Warmth and happiness that radiated throughout the room. The atmosphere was electric, charged with excitement and anticipation as we gathered around the table, decorated with bright, colorful balloons that danced in the gentle breeze.

Then my family members were like a flock of birds, chirping and laughing as they wished each other “Happy New Years”. Their eyes twinkled with happiness and their smiles were as wide as the horizon, radiating pure joy and love.

Finally I want to say celebrating New year with my family was like a dream come true, a magical journey. It was filled with joy, laughter, and love and it will  forever be etched in my memory like a painting on a canvas

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